Premium Collection | Gluten Free Cakes*

Our Premium Collection Cakes are versatile and can be used as birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, wedding cakes, and more.  The best part, is that we now offer gluten free cakes in our Premium Collection as well!

The options for our Premium Collection Cakes are created in three simple steps.  Once you pick your base, you can customise the flavor and colors on the next page.

Step 1: Choose The Base
Pick a naked cake or a buttercream cake

Step 2: Chocolate Drip Or Plain?
Choose for a drip of Chocolate ganache or keep it plain

Step 3: Decorate The Top
Pick a half-wreath or full wreath of edible decorations

***We cannot guarantee our cakes are 100% trace free of gluten.  Although we take all precautions possible, we work in an environment with gluten.***

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