Quarantine Party

Even in a time of crisis, there are still life events that need to be celebrated!  With regards to the current regulations, we have made a separate category on our webshop (for the time being) to offer smaller/discounted cakes and smaller order sizes.  We truly believe that this is still the time to enjoy and celebrate life’s milestones and not to let them be forgotten.  Celebrate the little moments even if you cannot throw a party!

In addition to smaller cakes and smaller ordering sizes, we also have a large stock of catering items listed a largely discounted price.  These are items that have already been made and we would like to make sure don’t go to waste.  There is a specific stock of each available, so they will not be coming back after they have sold out!

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  • "Change" The Date | Mini Cake

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  • Catering Cakes | Red Velvet

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  • Catering Cheesecakes | Passion Fruit | Large

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  • Sugarlips Cakes Webshop

    Digital Gift Card

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  • Treat Box | Macarons | Large

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  • Treat Box | Macarons | Small

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  • Treat Box | Small

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  • Treat Box | Small | V2

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  • Catering | Banana Bread

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  • Catering Cakes | Carrot

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  • First Birthday Smash Cake

    Mini "Quarantine" Cake

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  • Personalized Birthday Cake Plaque

    Personalised Plaque

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