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Don’t let our sweets go to waste!

With the shutdown of horeca as of March 15th, we have a stock of sweets that need to be eaten!  These are sweets that have been made and immediately frozen for restaurants.  They are still as moist and delicious as the other sweets in our webshop and are perfect for any celebration or just a sweet treat during this difficult time!

Product Description:
-1,5kg loaf
-Approximately 16 servings

*Please note that this product will be given to you frozen and that it will need anywhere from 12-24 hours of thawing before being eaten!

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This banana bread will be given to you frozen.  Please allow 12-24hrs to thaw (in the refrigerator) before it can be eaten.  When kept at room temperature in an airtight container (after thawing), this banana bread can stay fresh for up to 3 days after pick up.