Webshop FAQ


How early in advance should I order my cake?
-The earlier the better! Especially during spring and summer when our calendars are quite full, it is recommended that you order at least four weeks in advanced. During fall and winter, two weeks is generally appropriate.

Why can I not select a certain date on the calendar?
-There are a few different reasons for this. It is possible that we are already fully booked, we are closed for that day, or you have placed your order too late in advanced.

Do you deliver webshop orders?
-Yes, we deliver within Utrecht based on our availability. For more information, please email us at info@sugarlipscakes.com!

Can I taste the different flavors before I place my order?
-Unfortunately, we only have tastings for cakes that are two-tiers or larger (40 persons). We do however have different flavors in our shop every day that you can stop by and purchase!

I am too late with ordering a cake, is there anything you can do?
-Every week we do have a limited number of pre-made To-Go Cakes available in our shop. You can call us to find out what we have available for the week.

Do you give workshops?
-Unfortunately, no. Because of our constantly busy schedule, we have never had the time to give workshops.

Allergies/Dietary Restrictions

Are your gluten free cakes trace free?
-No. Though we take all precautions possible when working on gluten-free orders, because we work in an environment with gluten, we cannot guarantee that our products are 100% trace free.

Do you make products without sugar?
-Unfortunately, no. Sugar is in our company name!

Can you make products that are lactose free?
-Yes, but please email us at info@sugarlipscakes.com for specific requests.


What is the best way to transport my cake by car?
-We recommend that you keep your cake on a flat surface like your trunk or the foot of the passenger seat. You will receive your cake refrigerated (so it is as stable as possible) and we will provide anti-slip mats to keep your cake in place while you drive. Please do not hold the cake on your lap! 

Can I pick-up my cake by bike?
-No, we definitely do not recommend this! We have tested this many times ourselves unsuccessfully. If you bike with your cake, the impact from bumps or uneven pavement will cause cracks around the bottom of your cake.


How can I cancel my order?
-You can cancel your order one week (seven days) before your selected pick-up date. To cancel your order, please email us at info@sugarlipscakes.com.